I just heard the Lord say: Your name is about to be cleared!!!!

Somebody flat out lied on you and literally made up a narrative against you that was not true.

The Lord says, the agent of satan truly believes that they were right about you when they were really making false witness against you!

God says, enough is enough and the lie has gone on long enough.

IT’S TIME TO CLEAR YOUR NAME… and for the enemy to deal with what God has for them!

God says the enemy thinks they got away with it BUT THEY DIDN’T!

The Lord says, because of your patience, prayers, and trusting that HE WOULD VINDICATE YOU, He HAS ESTABLISHED HIS VERDICT in heaven and it shall come to pass in the earth that your name will be cleared!!

Hallelujah 🤗

My prayer is that this word comes to pass in your life quickly, in Jesus mighty name!

** Gods word will not return to Him Void**

WATCH GOD DO IT!! https://youtu.be/Uafr_k7Qtmg

Love you all, bye ❤

Shaneika (September 30, 2021)

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