Deaf ears to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and a great following of false prophets are at an ALL TIME HIGH!

Many are so busy CHASING CLOUT, SEEKING ATTENTION, or wanting to hear worldly PEACHES & ICECREAM messages that they don’t recognize the DECEPTION in it!

Get ready to see more wicked spirits (Narcissism, Jezebels, Ahabs, Witches, Warlocks, etc) ARISE!

People of God, the Lord says remain attentive AND guard your hearts & ear gates, okay?

The Lord is doing a WALK THROUGH. And trust me, it ain’t pretty… If the BLOOD OF THE LAMB is not on your door post, God’s WRATH will over take you.

**Spiritual Famine Video** https://youtu.be/ZDR1NJfDkO0

Love you all, bye ❤

Shaneika Byars Glover (Sept 24, 2021)

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