The 7th Seal – The Downward Spiral Is COMING! 7️⃣ (Prophetic Warning: A grace period and then…)

Video Link: The 7th Seal – The Downward Spiral Is COMING! 7️⃣ (Prophetic Warning: A grace period and then…)

Glory to Jesus Christ.

People of God, I have a warning that I need to deliver to all of those that have ears to hear and eyes to see. The Lord began to highlight the number seven to me back in September of this year, the number seven has just been highlighted time and time and time again. I prayed about it and I asked God for revelation.

In addition to that, guys, this warning also comes from a prophetic word or prophetic insight that the Lord gave us way back in February of this year, 2021. And at that time, the Lord began to highlight the book of revelation chapter seven. And in that video, the Lord used me to bring light to the idea that we are at a point in time where Jesus is holding back the winds of judgment.

The title of that video was Revelation 7 is here: Jesus is holding back the winds. Now, before I get into the warning, people of God, you know, test the spirit as always. It is your responsibility to guard your own hearts and your own minds and show yourself approved by going to the father in your own personal time and asking questions as it relates to the prophetic words or warnings or insight that someone is speaking to you and they say that it comes from God. Another thing that I feel led to say, and I’ve said it before, we must consistently and constantly understand that if we are in right standing with God and we have a real relationship with God, then the Bible promises us that we have nothing to fear, people of God.

And for those of us that belong to God, the Lord gives us instruction that he did not give us a spirit of fear, but of love, power, and of a sound mind. We must also understand that God does not give us warnings to scare us. God gives us warning and loves us enough and gives us the corrections to prepare us for what the Bible says will come. Hallelujah. God will never speak to us to bring fear or confusion, but he speaks to warn, to discipline, to encourage, and to Edify his children. Hallelujah. So, guys, I will not be before you long because God says to go ahead and release this word and to leave it with you so that you can meditate on it and you can pray about it. You can do your own research, whatever the holy spirit leads you to do concerning it. So I’m not going to be reading these chapters and verses but, I will give them to you so that you can read them and study them for yourselves.

The title of this warning is the seventh seal, a grace period, and then the downward spiral. So, guys, this word is associated with the book of Revelation, chapter six, chapter seven, and chapter eight. So the Lord is revealing that we are currently living during the time of the seven seals. How do we know that people of God? How do we know that the seven seals are active? Well, we can see it. We see it in these last days. We’re seeing disease, famine, we’re seeing plagues, we’re seeing natural disasters, economic hardship. We’re being deceived by our leaders in the government and in the church. There’s violence. There are lots of death, unexplained, phenomenon, and the list just goes on. So to summarize the seals, people of God, in Revelations, chapter six, chapter seven, and chapter eight, the first seal is found in the book of Revelation, chapter six, verse two. And it introduces the antichrist coming as a writer of a white horse. And this writer wears a crown. And it will deceive many people by talking about peace, saying that it will bring peace, but really this antichrist is going to be waging war against the saints.

The second seal is found in Revelation chapter six, verse four. And it introduces a red rider on a horse that is going to bring warfare and is going to be slaying and killing people, numbers, great numbers of people. And then the third seal is found in Revelation chapter six, verse five. And it says a writer on a black horse and this writer on this black horse is going to spread famine and plagues throughout the earth. The fourth seal is found in Revelation chapter six, verses seven through eight. And it details death riding upon a pale horse and its goal is to wipe out one-fourth of the earth, which we can see coming from the events of the second through the fourth seals that we just talked about. And then the fifth seal is found in Revelation chapter six, verse nine. And the Bible says that those people that were killed or martyred for the sake of God will be asking the Lord, how long will it be until he judges the earth? And they’re told a little while longer and given a white robe.

The sixth seal is found in Revelation chapter six, verses 12 through 14. And it reveals catastrophic natural events, such as intense earthquakes, the sun turning black, the moon turning blood red, and mountains and islands disappearing. And finally guys, the seventh seal is found in revelation chapter eight, verse one. The Bible says when this seal is broken, silence will fill up heaven and a brief pause will occur before God gives the angels the trumpets that will bring forth God’s judgments. And the Bible goes on to say that once the seventh seal is opened, there will be a short pause, which is what Revelation chapter seven talked about in which God assured the righteous that they will be protected from his wrath against sin. And then finally, the Bible tells us that once this pause ends, the downward spiral of wrath from God will begin. Meaning things will get worse, far worse for people that continue and to make decisions to reject God. With every trumpet that sounds they will escalate suffering. They will escalate pain to all people who refuse to repent.

Now, guys, the Lord did not tell me how long it would be before the seventh seal is broken, but God surely stated. He said my beloved, the seventh seal is about to open because he has heard the cries and prayers of the righteous. He has heard the cries and the prayers of the ones who have surrendered themselves to Jesus Christ and the ones who are ready and weary to be with him. So here’s the warning in its intensity, people of God. The Lord is warning that the full unleashing of judgments and the final judgment are near. And the purpose of releasing this on today is to give people every possible opportunity to repent before it’s too late. The Lord is warning us that the age of grace is dimming and its light is going to eventually go out. And God is saying at this moment in time that many of us think that we have time, but we don’t. The Lord says, repeat that again. God says that many of you, even one at least watching, you think that you have time, but God says that you do not. Why? Because God’s grace is not guaranteed to be extended to anybody, but it is only God’s mercy that is allowing for you and me to live for a portion of time.

Therefore, the urgency and God encouraging us to be ready to choose who we are going to serve this day is a matter of life or death. Hallelujah.

The seventh seal is due to be broken and God says, time will pass whether you’re ready or not. So we take this as a warning today, take this as guidance because none of this stuff is new. The Bible speaks about this. God is just simply giving us a reminder. He’s simply giving us a nudge. He’s simply warning us and preparing us for what will inevitably come. What a mighty and loving God we serve, people of God. And that is the word from the Lord today. I don’t know about you guys, but I know that God loves us beyond measure. God loves us so much that he continues to warn us and delay judgment in hopes that more people will turn to him and avoid the final and eternal sorrows of hell. God doesn’t even have to do this. He can just simply act and catch us all off guard, amen?

Take Heed to Gods warnings.

Love you all,

Shaneika Byars-Glover (October 11, 2021)

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