STOP IT! This Bandwagon Can’t be Ignored ❌ (Prophetic Word: Make sure the Lord told you to Speak)

Title Link: STOP IT! This Bandwagon Can’t be Ignored ❌ (Prophetic Word: Make sure the Lord told you to Speak)

Guys, I’m going to start with giving some insight in this word, and then I’m going to give you the actual word of the Lord at the very end. God told me to save it for last. So over the past few weeks, I have been noticing what I will call a bandwagon that has been riding around these social media streets for a while. That’s right. I have been noticing over the past few months, what I would call a bandwagon that has been riding around social media for a while, and this bandwagon carries exposure videos or videos of rebuke. Now, some of these videos are directed towards a person and some of these videos are directed towards a group of people or maybe even a ministry. I see that a lot too. And for a few of the videos that I have seen guys, not all of them, but some, I could agree with them to an extent, no, just to a certain point. And the reason why is because I do believe what the Bible says. I believe that there are times when God will use certain believers to rebuke another believer. And I also believe that God will use a believer to expose a false prophet or to expose a false teacher. How do we know that? Because as it relates to a believer rebuking a believer, the Bible speaks about this in the book of Proverbs in chapter 27. Paul talks about how open rebuke is better than hidden love because wounds from a friend can be trusted and he says, but an enemy multiplies kisses.

So in this scripture, it implies to me that when another believer is choosing to sin in a way that harms himself or it harms someone else or harms the body of Christ. Well, we as believers, as leaders in the church, we have a level of responsibility to intervene on behalf of the saints. And then as it relates to exposing the false prophet, the Bible also tells us in Ephesians chapter five, verses 11 in other scriptures in the Bible to take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead, expose the false prophets or expose the false teacher. So with all that said, I want to make myself clear, in this prophetic word, in this word of the Lord, God is not speaking to believers that are directed by him to rebuke another believer in Christ in a Christ-like manner. He’s not referring to you. God is also not referring to the believer that he sends to prophesy against the false prophets. Who and what this word is addressing are the videos that are being released these days. And these videos are just plain vindictive and wicked in nature. God revealed to me that there are at least two motivations behind why certain people want to decide to make these kinds of so-called exposure or rebuke videos that have not been approved by our father in heaven. God, didn’t ask them to make the video.

The first hidden agenda behind some of these exposure videos are that they are copycats, copycats of other exposure videos that have been made by other people or ministries. God said to me, Shenika even though they expose the false prophets or expose the false teachers, they did not hear their words directly from me, but instead, they lie on me and jump on the bandwagon of the other exposure video so they can receive views, come on holy spirit. So they can receive views for popularity or for some other kind of recognition. Another motive that God revealed to me is that these so-called exposure videos are being created only to bring condemnation, to cast judgment, to curse somebody, to bring shame to your brother or your sister. Come on, holy spirit. Let’s be real. To bring shame to your brother or your sister to try to tear down somebody else’s ministry. Brothers and sisters, I know this to be true because I have seen this time and time again with my own eyes. And I’m sure that many of you have seen it too. As a matter of fact, I just recently watched a young lady’s video on social media, YouTube, and in her video, she was speaking curses over another person. And what makes matters worse is that not only was she speaking curses over this person, but this lady was using the word of God. She was using the holy scriptures to try and curse another person.

Glory to God. I could not hardly believe what I was hearing y’all. And my first thought was, Lord have mercy on this young lady. And honestly, I felt sorrier for this woman’s ignorance rather than disgust because I know the word of God. I know the repercussions that come along with doing such a thing. If somebody said, how is that Shenika because people don’t realize that the scriptures, glory be to God? People don’t realize that the scriptures of the Holy Bible carry truth, they carry truth. The scriptures, the words in the Holy Bible, they carry laws. They carry power. And the words in the Bible have the authority to inflict harm or curses if they are spoken with the wrong intent or spoken from the wrong spirit, such as divination or witchcraft. How do we know that, people of God? Because the Bible says in Galatians chapter six, verse seven, do not be deceived. God is not mocked, whatever a man sows so shall he reap. So the basic interpretation of this verse, it means that the one who sows to please his simple nature will reap destruction. And the one that sows to please the holy spirit will reap eternal life.

But in light of today’s topic, these random exposure videos, these so-called rebuke videos. This means that if you’re somebody that’s trying to use God’s words to curse another person or to inflict harm on somebody, this is of a simple nature. And as a result, the word of God says in Galatians six/seven, that they will reap destruction. In other words, the very curse that you or whoever it is, is trying to inflict on another person using God’s word will ultimately backfire on you and come back to you. And then the word goes on to say, but if one sows God’s word to exhort or to build up another, they will reap eternal life. Amen. Wow, y’all. Wow. Such a righteous anger in this y’all. And that’s why I had to turn this camera off because I don’t need for my facial expressions to take away from the truth in this word, I need for you all to listen, listen carefully people. So I asked God, I said, why are certain individuals doing this? Why are they doing this, God? Why are people doing this outside of your council? Why are they doing this? And God began to reveal to me. He said it’s because the individuals that are attempting to expose or rebuke they’re angry for whatever reason at who they are trying to expose, or because they’re jealous of who they are attempting to rebuke or because their pride is in the way or because they are envious of who they want to expose. That’s why said, God.

And as a result, the Lord says Shenika while they are releasing these false exposure videos, they are no better than the false prophet. They are no better than the false teacher. As a matter of fact, I hold them just as accountable as the false prophet that they are attempting to expose. Why? Because they speak falsely in my name. And as I have previously spoken in my warning against the false prophets, I will deal with each one of them one by one because they intentionally strive to lie in my name says the Lord. Glory to God, hallelujah. Glory to God. Now, people of God, that’s one part of this word. The other part of this word is this, the Lord also wants to address the motives behind believers addressing other believers in the church. Let me say that again. The Lord also wants to talk to the people or address the motives behind believers, addressing other believers in the church.

God says, be careful, be very careful on how you perceive the difference between condemning or judging someone in your exposure versus giving a scriptural rebuke. Let me say that again. God says, repeat that. God says be careful on how you perceive the difference between condemning or judging in your exposure versus giving a scripture rebuke. Why? Because judging or bringing condemnation to someone is not the same as scriptural rebuke. It’s not the same. It’s two different things. So somebody said, well, Shaneika what is the difference between the two? First of all, scriptural rebuke or God’s way of rebuking begins in the heart. So that means that before we confront anyone about anything, we should first examine our own hearts and our own motivations. Why, why do we have to examine our own motives within our hearts? Because the heart and the motivation will dictate when and how the rebuke is spoken out of us towards the brother or sister we are rebuking. Hallelujah.

So with that being said, we must always ask ourselves this question. How do we know when to rebuke another believer? In other words, what is a right way and what is the wrong way to rebuke or expose a believer? Well, first of all, I can tell you that the wrong way to rebuke or expose is to do it from a spirit of judgment or condemnation. I see that a lot on YouTube and Facebook. The Bible forbids us from communicating with anyone from a spirit of judgment or condemnation. Now, I want to point this out. I’m not saying that God does not want us to exercise discernment and judging what is right from wrong. Because even the Bible, in Matthew chapter seven, I believe, it tells us do not judge, or you will be judge, I believe. Jesus later states in verse six of the same chapter, I believe he says, do not give to dogs what is sacred. Do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet in turn and tear to tear you to pieces. I’m just paraphrasing guys. So in that verse, God instructs us to make sure that we’re judging we’re exercising, discernment and judging right from wrong. Hallelujah.

But on the other hand, if you go back to, I believe it’s verse one in chapter seven of Matthew, it says, do not judge, or you will be judged. He is referring to superficial judgment, hypocritical type of judgment, self-Righteousness, unforgiveness, and untruthful judgments, you know, such as telling lies on people and mocking people openly. There’s a difference between the two. And that’s what we’re seeing. Now, I don’t have time to go through all the different types of judgments that the Bible implies, but I will point out one because this is the one that I see the most. It’s not that there are any others, but this is the one that I see the most and it’s called superficial judgment. And so I want to ask you guys, do any of you know what superficial judgment means?. Anybody know what superficial judgment means?

Praise God. Superficial judgment means to pass judgment upon another based on their appearance. It also means to pass judgment without investigating the facts about that person. And you’ll find that in Proverbs chapter 18. How many of y’all remember the story of the Pharisee Simon and how he passed judgment against the woman based on her reputation as a prostitute, right? What did Simon do? He judged a woman falsely. Why? Because if you go to the book of Luke chapter seven we understand that her sins had already been forgiven by Jesus. So even though Simon felt it necessary to rebuke this woman, based on her reputation or her appearance, he didn’t have all the facts. Amen. He didn’t have all the facts he couldn’t have because he wouldn’t have tried to rebuke her knowing, I would hope, that Jesus had already forgiven her. The Lord is saying that this is what is happening right now today with a lot of these so-called rebukes or exposure videos.

Many of these videos are being made in error and they are unrighteous because the people that make them do not have the facts and they are rebuking based off of mere appearance instead of being led by the holy spirit, instead of getting the facts together. Hallelujah. So we talked about the wrong way to rebuke a believer. So now what is the right way to rebuke? Anybody know what’s the right way to rebuke a believer? What’s the first thing that we should do when attempting to rebuke another believer that brings harm to him or herself that brings harm to another, or that brings harm to the church. Somebody said it right here. This is one of the answers. Somebody said in love. And that is absolutely right. We’re supposed to be doing it in love. And guys, I can tell you, we can first go to first Corinthians. That’s where that is. First Corinthians chapter 16, I think it’s verse 14. It says, let everything be done in love. Let everything be done in love. The keyword in this verse is everything, let everything to include rebuking somebody in love. Glory to God.

The next thing is to ask God, well, how shall we rebuke the believer? How shall we go about rebuking the believer? Because you would not rebuke your brother or your sister in Christ the same way as you would expose a false prophet, okay. I need to say that again. You would not rebuke your brother or your sister in Christ the same as you would expose a false prophet that’s trying to harm the church. There is a huge difference in discernment from God that is needed here before attempting to rebuke. And Jesus gave clear instructions for handling situations in which a brother or a sister is caught up in sin. The Bible says in Matthew chapter 18 if your brother or sister sins go and point out their fault, just between the two of you. If they listen to you, you have won them over. And then the word goes on to clarify that if we confront a believer and they refuse to listen to a loving rebuke, Jesus says, but if they will not listen, take one or two others along. So that every matter may be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses.

And if they still refuse to listen, tell it to the church. And if they refuse to listen even to the church, the Bible says, then we treat them as we would a pagan or a tax collector. But not before we follow these steps, not before we follow these steps. And that is what’s happening. Not every exposure video, not every rebuke video, but many. We are not paying attention to what the word of God says as we address our brother or sister in Christ. We’re taking things into our own hands and we’re making our own decisions. And this is not the way that the word of God tells us to address our sister or brother, how to rebuke the sister or brother in the church. Rebuking a sister or brother in Christ is not the same as exposing a false prophet, two different things. Glory be to God. Hallelujah. Glory to God. So I want to go ahead and give you guys the final word from the Lord. And God says, listen, carefully. As he gives his final words in this message.

The Lord says I am a man of my word, and I give you all permission to rebuke in love, as to hold my church to a higher standard than the world. Therefore, for those of you that I lead to rebuke your brother or your sister, you shall deal with them as it is written in my word for the church says, God. This bandwagon of exposures and rebukes outside of my council will not stand. And I will not hold back my hand from punishing all that are involved with these devious acts says the Lord. Exercise wisdom and make sure that I told you to speak because it is a destructive thing to speak falsely against your neighbor, to condemn or judge your brother or your sister, or to touch my anointed ones with your lies, says the Lord. Stop it now and while you have a chance. Do not cast judgment, condemn or curse anyone, you have no right. Do not rebuke anyone until you have all the facts in your confirmation from me says the Lord.

And while you’re waiting on me, use this guide in my word, which says every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. Therefore, you will know them by their fruits says the Lord. If ever in question about whether someone is out of line or a false prophet, come to me and I will reveal it to you says the Lord. Take heed to my words and show yourself approved with them says the living God. Hallelujah, glory to God. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Lord. Glory be to God. So that is the word from the Lord on today, people of God. And I tell you, my facial expressions, I couldn’t do it. I needed y’all to focus on the word because this is such a serious word. We have got to get into alignment with the father. We have got to get out of creating confusion in the church. God is not saying that he would never lead us to rebuke another sister or brother. And he’s not saying that he would never lead us to expose a false prophet. Why? Because the Bible says that we will and we can. But anything outside of that, y’all, God will not accept it. God will not tolerate it. And we have to stop doing this for exposure, for views, for clout is what they call it, for recognition. We got to stop this.

And I’m not saying that it’s you guys, I’m just speaking the word of the Lord to those that have ears to hear because God says even the people that he’s preparing to come into the ministry to start on social media, they’re afraid to even record or upload their first video because they’re confused about how they may be viewed. And God says he won’t have it. He will not allow for the enemy to shy away his remnant. He will not allow the enemy to shy away his people. So before his people shy away from him, he’s going to remove the enemy. He’s going to remove the enemy first. Amen.


By: Shaneika Byars (7/7/2021)

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