Christian Empowerment Coaching 

$60 (1 hour) *Fee is charged for time invested in session*
Christian Coaching via Phone. One of this ministry’s new assignments is to connect “Personally” with people that are in need of: Biblical Truth/ Life Skills Guidance and/or Training. We want to help empower your walk with Jesus Christ!

Please “Contact Us” before booking your appointment. You will need to complete a questionnaire before we can confirm your appointment and direct you back to this page to process your payment. Please be advised that you will speak to a member of our empowerment coaching team!

*Christian Coaching Disclaimer and Refund Policy*

U4C Christian Coaching does not support exchanging money for “Prophetic Words”, “Predictions”,”Promises” and/or “Blessings” NOR does it support “Mental Health” or “Chronic Psychological” conditions. We are at Liberty to inform you that we are NOT a Licensed Psychologist’s, Psychiatrist’s, or Mental Health Professionals’. **Please NOTE that Coaching Services are BIBLICAL BASED. Our experiences with encouraging and uplifting others are spiritual gifts from the Lord. Our training in Biblical Truth and Life Skills come from studying the Holy Bible, personal life experiences, AND by following the leading of the Holy Spirit.**REFUND*** We require 24 hour notice of canceling your confirmed appointment to receive a 100 % refund. If you DO NOT cancel your appointment at least 24 hours in advance, you will only receive a 50% refund of the fee you paid. If you pay for coaching services before contacting us for confirmation, you will only receive a 50%  refund of the fee you paid.  Many blessings to you!

Prayer Requests

Please email your prayer requests to If you would like prayer regarding a “special” situation in your life, you may submit your prayer request ONLY to the email provided and I WILL pray for you. All Requests will be prayed over EACH WEEK . God bless you!