RHEMA WORD! Own Up to it, Beloved ✨ (Prophetic Word: It’s time to be Set Free TODAY!)

Video Link: RHEMA WORD! Own Up to it, Beloved ✨ (Prophetic Word: It’s time to be Set Free TODAY!)


Happy Super Sunday People of God!

This Word is not for everyone, but God says it is for at least one of you!

But before I release Gods utterance, let us first understand that we all fall short of the Glory of God, and NO ONE is perfect. Amen?

However, we still have a duty to repent when Holy Spirit brings our errors and mistakes to our attention!

With that said, the Lord says:

“Sons and Daughters, at least one of you are experiencing what you are experiencing because you refuse to acknowledge your mistake.

You have done something that you know in your spirit to be wrong.

You have said something negative to bring shame to another, you initiated something that caused confusion, you hid the evidence, you withheld your help, you withheld the truth, you were deceptive in that action, you were being selfish, or you were being prideful and boastful about yourself.

And as a result, you are wallowing in warfare, anger, pain, you have no peace or joy, your feeling miserable, you feel attacked, and you are trying to figure out why your financial, family, or physical situation is not getting any better.

My dear beloved, I will not give you a free pass but instead, I will hold you accountable for your own actions and decisions.

Therefore, I encourage you to take heed to my counsel and OWN UP TO IT!

You must own up to what you have said or done. You must own up to whatever part you played.

And when you do this with all sincerity, and a desire to repent, I the Lord your God will begin to disentangle you from your current circumstance.

But if you do not agree with my reassurance, you will continue to endure what you will not face, says the Lord.


By: Shaneika Byars (8/8/2021)

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